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We are here for individuals, groups, and families in Contra Costa County and the greater Bay Area.

Is The CHAT Project the right fit for you?

  • Are you in a relationship where the conflict is escalating and you want support talking to the people in your life about what is happening?
  • Are you using threats or violence in your relationship or family, and want support making a plan to remain safe with the people in your life? 
  • Have you experienced domestic violence or sexual harm in the past and want to  address that with the people involved, or the people who are seeing the impacts now? 
  • Do you want help bringing your family or community together to talk about how to build a safer future together?
  • Do you love a person experiencing violence or who is causing harm in their relationship or family, and you want help thinking about how to engage with them about harm, offering support, and increasing safety?

If you would like to learn more about how The CHAT Project can support you and your family, fill out the form or if you have more questions before completing the form, email us at

The CHAT Project works primarily with people living in Contra Costa or the Greater Bay Area. We may not be able to support your request.

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Working with us

Based in the principles and practices of restorative justice and circles, The CHAT Project works with individuals, families (however defined), friends, and community members who are seeking solutions to interpersonal harm and violence.

What we offer

  • Restorative justice processes – Restorative justice generally involves face-to-face dialogue and brings together all people impacted to address a harm, deepen our understanding of the root causes, explore needs, and make commitments for the future.


  • Safe accountability work for people who have caused harm – We offer support and resources for people engaging in a healing journey and who are committed to ending their use of violence.


  • Guidance and resources for support people – We offer guidance, resources, and brainstorming to people supporting survivors and/or people causing harm in their own lives. In collective responses to family violence and sexual harm, support people may have questions about patterns of violence, seek guidance on navigating their role, or seek support to begin talking about the harm with the person they love.
  • Facilitated circles – families and communities impacted by domestic and sexual violence have requested circles that focus on healing, connection, support, and safety planning after violence. A circle may also focus on accountability for a person who has caused harm with their support system.

  • Community building circles – for people impacted by family violence and sexual harm.

  • Coaching and support for gathering – We encourage families to gather in ways that feel natural to them! We offer coaching, support, and brainstorming for people that want to connect with their family or friends to address harm, healing, and safety and do not need or want outside facilitators from CHAT.

  • Training and community learning opportunities

What we don't offer

  • We do not offer therapy – facilitators with CHAT are not therapists and aren’t clinically trained. We believe in therapy and encourage people who are participating with The CHAT Project to also get connected to therapy.

  • We do not offer legal advice – we are not lawyers and we can’t offer legal advice.

  • We cannot offer guarantees – We cannot promise any particular outcome or that someone you want to participate in this process will agree to join. We can commit to exploring and see what is possible together.

Service providers and organizations

You can connect a client or community member with The CHAT Project by emailing
Reach out to The CHAT Project to learn more about our work to support future connections for community members.